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Rain Water Gutters & Fittings

The Anton rain water gutters effectively collect and channel water, preventing clogs caused by leaves and debris. Designed to international standards, these stylish and durable components of gutters complement any residential, commercial, or industrial building. They can also be incorporated into your rainwater harvesting system, offering a wide array of accessories from a top manufacturer in Sri Lanka.

The Armor range of rainwater gutters from Anton goes beyond aesthetics; it is designed to integrate seamlessly into rainwater harvesting systems. This eco-friendly approach allows you to harness the power of rainwater, promoting sustainability and resource efficiency.

Upgrade your building's exterior with Anton Armor rainwater gutters – where form meets function and sustainability harmonises with style. Trust in Anton's commitment to excellence and embrace a gutter system that not only enhances your property's aesthetics but also contributes to a greener, more sustainable future. The Armor range can be used as part of your rain water gutter harvesting system and offers the down pipe, down pipe clip, down pipe elbow, down pipe joiner, down spout adapter, gutter, gutter end cap, mitre joiner, running head and much more from one of the leading PVC manufacturers in Sri Lanka.


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