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WELCOME TO ANTON, YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER FOR BUILDING MATERIALS SOLUTIONS. Since 1958, we have been at the forefront of innovation, invention and investment in the industry. Our global outlook and local roots have helped us become a leader in providing high-quality uPVC pipes & fittings, water tanks, roofing, uPVC doors & windows and insulation material. We take pride in impacting the lives of our customers and we are committed to making a positive difference in society and the economy. Join us on this exciting journey as we lead the way, where and when it matters!

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ISO 9001-2015

We proudly affirm our unwavering dedication to the highest quality management standards, as exemplified by our certification for designing and manufacturing a diverse range of polymer products. This certification encompasses our expertise in uPVC, CPVC hot and cold, HDPE pressure and non-pressure pipes and fittings for potable water, sewerage, and drainage systems. It extends to various products, including gutters, valves, roofing, doors and windows profiles, hoses, foam boards, cladding, molding, tile lips, electrical conduits, trunkings, PE tanks, water purification, insulation sheets and solvent cement. 

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WRAS Certificate

Our attainment of WRAS certification for our HDPE pipes is a testament to their exceptional qualities. Renowned for their robustness, chemical stability, and impressive strength-to-density ratio, these pipes offer unmatched performance. Their remarkable flexibility, minimal leakage, and lightweight nature allow for hassle-free installation without heavy equipment. HDPE pipes are poised to be an enduring trend in industries like Water Boards and highrise construction, owing to their manifold advantages, ensuring that the demand for these high-quality pipes will continue to grow in the years ahead. 

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Green Label Certification

We are delighted to share the exciting news that we have received the prestigious Green Label Certification from the renowned Green Building Council. This recognition highlights our commitment to environmental sustainability and underscores our dedication to offering eco-friendly Anton Armor uPVC roofing solutions. With a track record of consistently delivering quality, Armor Roofing has once again proven its excellence. It is with great pride that we announce Anton Armor as the inaugural brand to be honored with the Green Label Certificate in the Roofing category in Sri Lanka.

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SLS 993

Proudly achieving the esteemed SLS 993 certification, ANTON has garnered recognition for our Rigid Conduits, emphasizing our steadfast dedication to quality and safety in cable management solutions. This prestigious certification, bestowed by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), attests to our products meeting or exceeding stringent standards set for electrical conduits. Opting for ANTON SLS 993 certified Rigid Conduits means choosing safety, quality and compliance with industry standards, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in cable management.

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SLS 659

ANTON is pleased to announce that our unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) Fittings for water supply, ground drainage, and sewerage under pressure have achieved the esteemed SLS 659 certification. Awarded by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), this certification underscores our commitment to delivering top-tier solutions in these specific product categories. It serves as a mark of excellence, assuring that our uPVC Fittings surpass industry standards and reflect ANTON's dedication to excellence in plumbing and infrastructure.

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SLS 147

SLS 147 certification awarded to our "ANTON" brand unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) Pipes for water supply, buried and above-ground drainage, and Sewerage under pressure is a mark of excellence. It confirms that our products meet or exceed the stringent standards and specifications outlined in Sri Lanka Standard (SLS) 147. This certification, issued by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, safe, and compliant piping solutions.

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SLS 1498

Obtaining SLS 1498 certification for ANTON brand Polyethylene (PE) pipes for Water Supply is a significant achievement. This certification demonstrates that our products adhere to the guidelines and requirements outlined in Sri Lanka Standard (SLS) 1498, which is the code of practice for drinking water. It underscores our commitment to providing safe and high-quality PE pipes that meet the stringent standards for water supply, contributing to the safety and reliability of drinking water distribution systems.

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SLS 935

We are proud to announce that our solvent cement product has achieved compliance with the Sri Lanka Standard (SLS) 935. This certification signifies that our solvent cement meets the stringent specifications outlined in SLS 935, which is the Specification for Portland Limestone Cement. It reflects our commitment to delivering a high-quality and reliable solvent cement product for various construction and plumbing applications. Our adherence to this standard ensures that our solvent cement provides the expected performance and quality, contributing to the safety and durability of plumbing systems.

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SLS 1325

Achieving SLS 1325 certification for our UPVC sewerage, drainage pipes, and fittings is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering top-quality, reliable products. This certification assures our customers that our products conform to Sri Lanka's stringent standards, ensuring their durability and efficiency. We take immense pride in this achievement, as it reflects our dedication to excellence in the field of sewerage and drainage solutions. With SLS 1325, we continue to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction above all else.

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Member of Water Quality Association

Since 2015, we have proudly held a membership with the Water Quality Association (WQA), a testament to our unwavering commitment to upholding their code of ethics. This certification reaffirms our position as a trusted and valued member in good standing within the WQA community. We have consistently demonstrated a keen interest in the advancement and enhancement of water quality, aligning with the WQA's mission to ensure safe and clean water for all. Our dedication to these principles underscores our unwavering commitment to water quality and the betterment of our communities.


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