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St. Anthony's Industries Group, a pioneering force in the PVC industry, thrives on innovation through rigorous research and development. Our unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new frontiers fuels our continuous creation of avant-garde solutions. This dedication to innovation not only benefits our customers but also propels the industry forward, making it a cornerstone of our mission to redefine and elevate the PVC sector.

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ARMOR Gutter Range

We proudly introduce a revolutionary addition to ARMOR product lineup. The ARMOR Gutter Range, born from the same uPVC material as their renowned Roofing Sheets, sets a new industry standard in rainwater drainage. Engineered for enduring elegance and unbeatable performance, these gutters exhibit a seamless, clog-resistant design that ensures a consistent rainwater flow. Their UV-resistant and fire-retardant properties promise longevity and safety. With diverse roof compatibility and easy installation, they offer efficiency. Available in Amber Brown or White, these gutters not only enhance your home's aesthetics but also contribute to sustainability through their eco-friendly uPVC material. St. Anthony's commitment to innovation, quality, and customer well-being shines brightly.

A - Gutter

B - Gutter End Cap (L)

C - Gutter End Cap (R)

D - Gutter Running Head

E - Gutter Joiner

F - Milter Joiner - Out

G - Milter Joiner - In

H - 3 Lock Bracket


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Rubber Ring Socket Fittings with Inspection Eye

ANTON presents an innovative addition to our drainage fittings lineup, sewerage joint with cleaning door both sides R/R, sewerage bend with cleaning door both sides R/R, sewerage ‘Y’ junction with cleaning door both sides R/R, and sewerage ‘Y’ junction with cleaning door three sides R/R, all designed to simplify pipe maintenance.

These fittings eliminate the need for solvent application, making them an ideal choice for large-scale construction projects. When blockages occur in your drainage system, these fittings offer a hassle-free solution—simply open them to clear obstructions and ensure uninterrupted flow, providing convenience and efficiency in managing your drainage needs.


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