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We extend a warm welcome to you as we invite you to immerse yourself in the ever-evolving universe of St. Anthony's Industries Group. Our dedicated News and Events section is your personal gateway to remain closely connected to our latest developments, remarkable accomplishments, invaluable industry insights, and eagerly anticipated future events. As a cherished member of our community, you'll discover an abundance of resources that dive deep into our innovations, milestones, and the significant contributions we make. Whether you're a valued customer, a trusted partner, or an enthusiast of our industry, we invite you to join us in exploring the exciting happenings that define St. Anthony's Industries Group.

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Spotlighting on LMD - January 2024 Edition

Q: What is the recipe for success that led to your group becoming a household name in the country? A: The success of St. Anthony’s Industries Group in becoming a household name in the country can be attributed to a strategic combination of continuous innovation, unwavering commitment to top tier product quality and visionary leadership. Our f...

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St. Anthony’s Industries Group Unveils New Logo Marking a New Era of Transformation

St. Anthony’s Industries Group (Pvt) Ltd., a leading Sri Lankan conglomerate with a rich heritage dating back to the 1930s, proudly unveiled its new logo recently. This milestone marks a new era for the Group, symbolizing its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and industry leadership.  St. Anthony’s Industries Group Chief Operating Officer Lahiru Jayasinghe said, “This new logo reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and our continued pursuit of innovation as we embark on a new era of transformation. We are excited to unite our diverse brands under one identity and leverage our collective strengths to redefine industry standards and shape a brighter future for Sri Lanka.&rdq...

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Anton reassures high quality standard with HDPE Pre-Qualification

Anton, a 100% Sri Lankan manufacturer of household solutions dating back to 1958, is a pioneer in the local PVC and Pipe fitting industry. The c...

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Spotlighting on LMD - November 2023 Edition

Q:How does St. Anthony’s Industries Group define its commitment to corporate respect? A: We’re committed to being a responsible a...

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Anton Armor uPVC awarded prestigious Green Label Certification

Anton Armor uPVC Roofing sheets has been awarded the prestigious “Green Label Certification” from Green Building Council and “...

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Spotlighting on LMD - September 2023 Edition

Q: Can you detail the history and background of St. Anthony’s Industries? A: St. Anthony’s Industries Group – fou...

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Anton continues empowering employees with next stage of ‘Hithawathkamata Multhena’project

Anton, a 100% Sri Lankan manufacturer of household solutions for over 60 years, recently launched the next stage of the ‘Hithawathkamata M...

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Anton launches its flagship store on

Anton, a 100% Sri Lankan manufacturer of household solutions for over 60 years, is committed to catering to the requirements of both local and i...


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