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Volta Conduits Pipes & Trunking

Secure Your Space with Anton's High-Quality Trunking and Conduit Pipes!

Ensure the safety of your home or office with Anton’s reliable and high-quality cable trunking and electrical conduit pipes. Designed to meet international safety standards, our PVC conduit and PVC trunking provide shockproof channels for electrical wiring while keeping cables neatly organised and secure. Anton provides two conduit options – SLS and Non-SLS, with the latter, referred to as Volta electricals, suitable for various applications.

Trust Anton’s commitment to quality for all your electrical wiring needs. Anton has obtained SLS 993 certifying Rigid Conduit pipes, means choosing safety, quality, and compliance with industry standards, reinforcing our commitment to excellence in cable management.

Volta electrical conduits are flexible, non-SLS conduits made from durable PVC, providing reliable protection for electrical wiring. Lightweight and cost-effective, they ensure safety and organization in various applications.


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