Hithawathkamata Multhena - Apen Apita 2022

This is a project conducted by St. Anthony's Industries Group to empower all employees during the hard situation in the country. This project was completed on the 10th of June 2022 to remind all Anton employees that they are a valuable asset to the company and that the organization will always be with them. This project will also be conducted as a continuous project to give strength to the employees.


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Hithawathkamata Multhena - Ape Avurudu 2023

For the Sinhala and Hindu New Year 2023, we launched a distinct initiative known as the "Home Gardening" program. As par...

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Hithawathkamata Multhena - Diya Dahara - Phase IV

Through this Project, we provided two Anton Azure water purifiers to fulfill the critical need of Kuruwita Lellagoda Sumanatissa Colleg...


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