Anton reassures high quality standard with HDPE Pre-Qualification

Anton, a 100% Sri Lankan manufacturer of household solutions dating back to 1958, is a pioneer in the local PVC and Pipe fitting industry. The company is committed to catering to the requirements of both local and foreign customers through unique designs, constant innovation, and by adhering to internationally recognized quality standards.

Anton is amongst the top players in the Sri Lankan PVC industry, water tanks and roofing in the industrial and consumer sectors and recently procured HDPE Pre-Qualification from the National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSNDB). HDPE pipes are made using high-density polyethylene, and as such is used to carry water, hazardous waste, a variety of gases, fire water and much more.  The strong molecular bond of the materials used to create HDPE pipes also makes it suitable for use in high-pressure pipelines.  

HDPE pipes are known for their immense strength, chemical stability, and high strength-to-density ration. They have a tight bending radius, which means they are extremely flexible and are generally free of leaks. The HDPE pipes are lightweight, which means they can be installed without the use of heavy lifting equipment.  The use of HDPE pipes in industries including Water Boards, and construction of Highrise buildings will be a continuously growing trend in the years to come, especially in lieu of their vast benefits.

The HDPE Pre-Qualification comes after NWSNDB conducted extensive testing and an overall audit of the raw materials, production process, quality assurances and more. Anton was the first manufacturer of HDPE Pipes to EN 12201-2 and ISO 4427 standards and has proved its high-quality standards with certifications such as SLS 1498-2015 (ISO 4427-2: 2007 (E)), ISO 9001:2015 and WRAS.

Mr. Lahiru Jayasinghe, Chief Operating Officer at St. Anthony’s Industries Group, shared his comments on the certification: “We are proud to be able to say that we started manufacturing HDPE pipes in the year 2012, and that we are the first HDPE pipe manufacturer in Sri Lanka. This certification further solidifies the fact that we have always provided products of the highest quality standards.”

Anton is company that has always stood by its promise of quality and safety, and as such adheres to the best sourcing practices to provide innovative products and services. The company also intends to begin manufacturing HDPE pipes and fittings in their own factories in the years to come.


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