Spotlighting on LMD - November 2023 Edition

Q:How does St. Anthony’s Industries Group define its commitment to corporate respect?

A: We’re committed to being a responsible and ethical organisation in various ways. We focus on taking actions that benefit society and the environment, including CSR initiatives and practicing eco-friendly methods. We’re dedicated to caring for the environment by adopting sustainable practices to minimise any harm.

We believe in honesty and accountability in all our actions and we expect the same from our partners and suppliers and ensure that everyone follows ethical practices. At St. Anthony’s we consistently adhere to the law, reflecting our commitment to doing what is right. Through these actions, we demonstrate that we genuinely care about being a responsible and ethical organisation. This not only benefits our employees but also the broader community.

Q: Can you provide examples of instances where you actively demonstrated corporate respect towards local communities and the environment?

A: Our commitment to protecting the environment is exemplified by the prestigious green label certification – a symbol of our unwavering corporate responsibility. This certification represents our dedication to eco-friendly and sustainable practices

With the green label on our products, we not only ensure their environmental quality but also encourage customers to make more eco-conscious choices. Furthermore, our community-focused projects play a pivotal role. The ‘Athwela’ series of projects, conducted in partnership with local organisations, provides clean water to communities in Kadirana and Kolonnawa through pipeline systems.

Simultaneously, our ‘Riviera River Clean-Up’ project, conducted in collaboration with the Rotaract Club, contributes to the preservation of the environment’s natural beauty and raises awareness about the importance of protecting it. Furthermore, the ‘Hithawathkamata Multhena-Ape Avurudu’ and ‘Apen Apita’ initiatives aid struggling families and empower our dedicated workforce.

These combined efforts underscore our commitment to making a meaningful impact on local communities and the environment, especially with the green label certification serving as a symbol of our dedication to sustainability.

Q: How does St. Anthony’s ensure that its corporate respect initiatives are integrated into its long-term business strategy and decision-making processes?
We’re dedicated to leading the building materials and interior solutions market in Sri Lanka. St. Anthony’s, renowned for high-quality PVC products, aims to provide top-notch products and services while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental and social responsibility, which benefits the community and the environment.

Importantly, our respect-driven goals are in perfect line with our overarching mission and strategic objectives, serving as the foundation of our business strategy. We prioritise sustainability throughout the organisation, focusing on key sustainability goals, including ensuring clean water and sanitation, fostering industry innovation and infrastructure development, and building sustainable cities and communities.

Our commitment to these objectives is evident in the exceptional products we’ve developed and first to manufacture in Sri Lanka. These achievements underscore our dedication to making a positive impact and emphasise our commitment to corporate responsibility within the PVC industry.

Q: In what ways does the organisation engage with its employees to promote a culture of respect, diversity, and inclusion?

A: St. Anthony’s is dedicated to cultivating a workplace rooted in respect, diversity, and inclusion while maintaining a strong focus on producing top-quality products and embracing eco-friendly practices. We recognise the pivotal role of a diverse and inclusive workforce in our pursuit of excellence.

Our commitment begins with comprehensive training, which fosters understanding and sensitivity among our team. We actively recruit from diverse talent pools, ensuring a variety of perspectives. The inclusive onboarding programme warmly welcomes new members, emphasising our values, including strong commitment to high-quality products and sustainable methods.

We take pride in our mentorship initiatives, which support underrepresented individuals, and our leadership programmes, which foster diverse, quality-focused leaders. Community engagement also strengthens employee bonds. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy against harassment, prioritising safety. Through regular reviews, we ensure that these efforts promote respect, diversity, inclusion, and our dedication to eco-friendly, quality-focused practices.

Q: What mechanisms do you have in place for transparent communication with stakeholders, including customers?

A: All our stakeholders including shareholders, customers, suppliers, financial institutions and employees are vital to our success, and we value their trust and support. Our commitment to transparent communication is exemplified by our active engagement with government bodies and institutions, where we collaborate to meet industry standards such as SLS with the Sri Lankan Standards Institution (SLSI).

This ensures that our products meet the highest quality and safety criteria, benefiting not only customers but also the broader community. We also place strong emphasis on transparent communication with customers and their feedback, and maintain a dedicated team to address their concerns and opinions.

We empower customers with comprehensive product information, enabling them to make informed choices. Additionally, we provide educational content to help customers maximise the value of our products. This commitment to transparency cultivates trust, fosters enduring relationships, and instils a profound sense of partnership and confidence, all anchored by our tagline: ‘We Lead Where It Matters.’ Our values extend beyond mere words, reflecting our daily commitment to responsible and open business practices.


Lahiru Jayasinghe
Chief Operating Officer


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