uPVC Doors & Windows

Why Choose uPVC?

Un-Plasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC), is revolutionizing the construction industry by helping to create more eco-friendly buildings. The stronger, more durable alternative to PVC, uPVC is the perfect material for construction with the added benefit of being the better solution for the environment.
When you choose uPVC, you reduce the dependency on wood which helps to promote the conservation of forests. For every 6,000 MT of uPVC Windows and doors we produce, 32,000 hectares of forest are preserved. Compared to aluminum, uPVC also maximizes energy-saving insulation, which reduces your energy bills and helps protect our precious natural resources.
Anton uPVC Windows and Doors are the smarter choice for those who are looking for construction material that is a sustainable and durable option. It is the recommended material for hotels, apartments, factories and homes that want to limit their impact on the environment and still strive for the most dependable and best quality material.

Is Anton uPVC the Right Choice?

1. We are trustworthy. We are the only company that provides a claimable 10 year warranty for door and window profiles.
2. We are a 100% Sri Lankan. We are committed towards rebuilding Sri Lanka’s economy. We are the only local manufacturer that does not import any of our door and window profiles. When you choose us, you choose to help the local economy.
3. A smooth and seamless process. Our team of professionals will ensure that service is provided from start to finish.
4. Customized for you. Anton uPVC door and window profiles offer you tailor-made options to suit your home and lifestyle.
5. The right choice for everyone. Anton energy efficient uPVC door and window profiles produce smaller carbon footprint and smaller energy bills. A better solution for your home, your wallet and the planet.

uPVC Comparison with Aluminum and Wood -

  uPVC Windows Aluminum Windows Wooden Windows
Aging Resistance Very Good Poor Very Poor
Unaffected by Temperature Very Good Poor Very Poor
Sea Water Resistance Very Good Poor Poor
Dimensional Stability Very Good Fair Poor
Thermal Insulation Very Good Poor Very Poor
Low Maintenance Very Good Good Poor
Termite Resistance Very Good Good Poor
Corrosion Resistance Very Good Fair Poor
UV Resistance Very Good Fair Poor
Fire Resistance Very Good Fair Very Poor
Fire Escape Easy Fair Very Poor
Protecting Paint or Polish Required No Yes Yes


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